Art as support for appearance

Art is inherent to the human being, and as laughter and weep, it distinguishes man from all living entities. Only an artist will understand reality as an appearance. Hence that beauty reaches its fullest dimension from and through the fly of imagination. However, man, in his fly, is also touched by what is ugly around him. The latter conditions a certain blend between creation and anguish.
Africa, the Mother continent, and origin of what we call life, carries that spirit of anguish. It is there where the seed of all artistic manifestations was born. Africa is home to the umbilical cord that keeps the harmony of the self with the earth. African art is an original carrier of the elements and colors that make up Mother Nature. Such elements and colors, together with leisure, made possible the sublimation of our survival beyond the satisfaction of our primary needs. Western culture has a pending debt with the
African art and folklore. The influence of the African artistic touch on different Western art manifestations is well known. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of explicit acknowledgement to it. It is true, though, that it was not until the Greeks that the need for art and aesthetics as lead principles of existence, was consciously stated. For ancient Greeks, the contemplation of a work of art was perceived as a revitalizing pleasure. For them, the man absorbed and entranced by his own or another man’s act of pure imagination, was more prone to exalt his sensitivities; therefore, healthier and more humane.
A condition that calls for special attention in our fast-paced and convulse reality. The dynamics of our times will not allow chances for contemplation, quietness and relief, which in turn, are the essential factors to restore art to its rightful pedestal.
The masks, sculptures, paintings and drawings from our private collection, which we are so pleased to share with you, can make a difference in our everyday lives. They can embellish the creative spirit we all carry, and they can help us express empathy for the artistic creation of others’, a feeling that undoubtedly can lead us to happiness. A lone work of art can sometimes help us fight off the ordinary boredom of every day.

For detailed info or how to buy our work of arts, please go to “Contact”.

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