African Art

Songye Male Kifwebe Mask. DR Congo. Tall: 23 1/2 inches; Depth: 14 inches.

Senufo Bench. Ivory Coast. Length: 47 inches; Width: 21 inches; Height: 16 inches. One piece carved.

Granary Dogon Door. Mali. Tall: 43 inches; Width: 18 inches.


Nupe Stool Eight Legged. Nigeria. Round top: 18 inches. Tall: 14 inches. One piece carved. Wood and painting.

Sun Mask

Bwa Sun Mask. Burkina Faso. Height: 40 inches. Width: 39 inches. Wood and painting.


Sculpture Ethiopian Chair. Diameter: 22 inches. Height: 43 inches. One Piece Carved. Early 20th Century.

001 Makonde

Makonde. Tanzania. Hand Carved Wooden Four-Legged Stool; diameter: 19.5 inches; height: 18.5 inches. One Piece Carved.

 Nafana Bedu Plank Mask. Burkina Faso. Wood and painting. Height: 76 inches

Rare Large Bobo Bwa – Gurunsi Plank Mask Burkina Faso; height: 45 inches, width: 7 inches


 Mossi Sun Mask. Burkina Faso. Wood and pigments; height: 40 inches, width: 34 inches

 Songye Mask. Democratic Republic of Congo. Wood; height: 27.5 inches, width: 15.5 inches

 Songye Kifwebe Male Mask. Democratic Republic of Congo. Wood; height: 22 inches (55.88 cm)


Songye Mask. Congo – Zaire. Wood, Raffia, Cloth and Feeders; height: 20 inches (50.8 cm) 


 Songye Kifwebe Male Mask. Democratic Republic of Congo. Wood; height: 25.5 inches, width: 10 inches, depth: 16 inches




Senufo Statue. Ivory Coast. Wood; height: 32 1/12 inches (82.55 cm) 


Antelope Zoomorphic Mask. Mali. Wood, Rope and Cloth; height: 16 inches (40.64 cm)

Fang Mask from Gabon. Wood and beautiful patina (24 inches). 

Stunning and Heavy Baule Goli Mask (34″ x 19″).

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